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Marty DanielTechnology Integration and Innovation

I've been involved with and excited about technology integration and innovation in education since the Apple IIE in the early eighties. From Logo and Lemonade Stand to Computational Science and Web 2.0. It's been a wild ride.

There may be nay sayers who think that we put too much emphasis on the tool to the exclusion of the education but our kids today need to know how to use these tools to be able to function in a rapidly changing global economy. If we don't teach them how they are left without the skills to make them competitive in the modern world. Let's join together on this journey of discovery as we prepare tomorrow's thinkers and innovators.

Ralph PolleyGreybeard

My husband, Ralph Polley, is a high school math teacher for the Houston Independent School District. He has a web page at with some excellent math resources. It also links to his wiki.


I think one of the most exciting developments of the last few years is the wiki. It is collaborative, easy and puts content above process. I have created and belong to a number of wikis. I've listed a few of them below: